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Software Policy


All software programs, including any electronic recorded media, manuals or security devices (collectively the "Software Program") remain at all times the property of Ristems Ltd. ("Licensor"). Licensor grants to Licensee only a nonexclusive, nontransferable license to use the Software Program in accordance with the terms of the appropriate signed License Agreement.

Free 15-Day Demonstration License

This license type is built on the "try-before-you-buy" concept. Qualified companies and individuals are granted one free 15-day demonstration license per Software Program. The complete, fully working software and User Manual is provided to the Licensee for the 15-day demonstration period. 
Maintenance and Support
Maintenance and Support for purchased Software Programs is optional. A Maintenance and Support Agreement covers technical support, software error corrections, and all upgrades to the purchased Software Program for one full year. Maintenance and Support agreements may only be purchased by Licensees who have the most current version of the Software Program.
The The Licensee agrees not electronically, optically or otherwise access, transmit, broadcast or transfer any portions of the Software Program over any public or other private computer network (either local, wide area or otherwise), the Internet, any telephone lines or network, or any other channel of communication, other than specified and granted in the appropriate signed License Agreement.
Educational Discount
Educational institutions may purchase special licenses at discounts of up to 75% off of the listed prices. Software issued under an educational license may only be used for teaching, research, and certain other restricted uses.
Security Protection
All demonstration software, yearly-leased software, and purchased single-user licenses have security protection schemes implemented.

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